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Seduced by Tango UPDATE:
In answer to my questions, Brett of Global Village Media replied:

1.) We don't have a set in stone submission deadline yet, but it would
be a good idea to finish your submission within the next four months.

2.) Partners should live within driving distance. (I asked about partnering with people in Eugene and Portland)

3.) One leader cannot be in multiple submissions.

4.) Yes. Two women can partner each other.

Thanks Brett!

I will keep you all updated.

Learn Tango in your Living Room!

Savannah and Roy (using aliases) have posted five videos breaking down Argentine Tango basics. Pass them on to your nondancing friends! Search Youtube for "Spitfire Tango Basics" or follow the links below.

Basics 1: Demo and Walking.

Basics 2: The Cross.

Basics 3: Check Step and Front Ochos.

Basics 4: Parada and Mini Boleo to Cross.

Basics 5 Review, with music.

"Seduced by Tango" Documentary!
Here is the email we received. If anyone is interested please contact me at or at (541) 941-6801. I have the camera
and will happily put your videos on YouTube!!!!
Hope to have you submit :)

Because of your interest in Tango, we'd like to invite you to view a
web site that outlines an exciting new documentary film: Seduced by
Tango. The film, hosted by Robert Duvall, will star Pablo Veron
and will feature dancers from across the globe! 

We are currently looking for dancers with a commitment to the cultural
experience of Tango.  We want to film couples in their home communities and invite some of them to a Tango workshop in Buenos Aires at next year's Tango festival. 

The film is to be directed by Emmy award winner Catherine Tatge and will be presented on PBS, America's public television network.  

Please take a moment to view the site in order to see if you or anyone
you know might be interested in participating:

Many thanks for your interest!
Global Village Media

Get the word out:

Please forward this to anyone in your tango community whom you think might be interested in joining us. The more responses we get from any one community, the more likely it is the production team will be visiting that location. If you are chosen, the producers will contact you about the possibility of our team visiting you in your city or hometown for interviews and to learn about your tango community.

About Savannah Morgan:
I started tango in 2002 here in Ashland, learning from and teaching with Roy Wright. Since then I've had the fortune to attend numerous Portland Tangofests and to study under Miriam and Hugo (founders of the Argentine sensation Tango and Fire), Richard and Colette (U.S. Champions and world finalists), and Marcelo and Romina (fantastic Argentine teachers) among others.
Please join me in becoming a tango addict. There's no better feeling in the world.



A word doc containing Lead and Follow breakdowns of various basics.

A word doc of tips for dancing good tango.